Hot Selling Garment 配件 for 阿尔及利亚n 市场


天博App下载公司 ,MH ,specializes in accessories of tailoring and fabric,which has had business with algeria customers more than 15 years .Main items include Rayon Embroidery 线程 ,Polyester 缝纫线 ,拉链 & 拉链 长链, Taffeta ,T/C 府绸 ,T/R fabric, Non-woven 夹层 ,钩 & 循环, 缎带 等 .

You can find our products in most of cities ,including Algiers ,奥兰, 康斯坦丁, 恩, 阿纳巴, 方案, BBA.等. We keep offering good price ,prompt reply and excellent service to our customers.We look forward to start new business with anyone who is interested.


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